Jeep Transmission Service in Salem, OR

At Roberson Motors, Jeep transmission service is one of the Jeep maintenance services we offer to keep you and your SUV on track. Our Jeep service center in Salem, Oregon features a professional crew of Jeep certified technicians trained to know every hose and bolt of your Jeep Renegade or Jeep Cherokee. Quickie shops may try to sell you on services you may not need, including transmission service. At the dealership, your Jeep mechanic will communicate clearly about the state of your transmission, and whether it’s time for a transmission flush. Your Jeep manual will recommend an appropriate interval between automatic or manual transmission service. For many vehicles, a range of between 30,000 to 60,000 miles, or every two years, is typical. Vehicles that do heavy or regular towing, are employed for commercial use, or operate under extreme conditions may need service sooner rather than later.

While it makes good sense to follow the recommendations in your Jeep auto maintenance manual, come see us at Roberson Motors if you hear grinding noises coming from the transmission, you are experiencing difficulty or feel some slippage when you switch gears, your Jeep Compass surges quickly for no apparent reason, or it fails to engage immediately after you switch gears. The transmission fluid is likely dirty and sludgy, causing a loss of hydraulic power and response due to a diminished flow of transmission fluid through the system. Left untreated, additional damage can lead to costly repairs. Complete transmission service will involve fluid and filter replacement, an inspection of the pan and transmission sump, gasket replacement, and a thorough inspection. At our Salem, OR Mopar Express Lane, we’ll have you in and out quick at a fair price, and without an appointment.

Drive on in to our express lane for speedy service Monday through Saturday, or schedule an appointment online for expert Jeep repair in Salem, OR. We do body work, too! Contact Roberson Motors Inc today for an estimate.

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