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OverviewFinding the ideal vehicle for you and your family can be a challenge. The automotive professionals at Roberson Motors in Salem, OR are here to help you along the decision making process. Take a look at two of our most popular family-oriented vehicles and see if they are right for you! Helping you family navigate the Pacific Northwest in a safe and reliable car is our priority. Give us a call today with any questions!

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Chrysler Pacifica

18/28 MPG287 HPInfo
The Chrysler Pacifica is a next generation minivan that willtake you everyday family adventures to the next level. With top safety ratings, a spacious cabin, and a luxurious demeanor you'll love how the Chrysler Pacifica feels. Whether you're driving to Bend for the weekend or Seaside for a day trip, an innovative infotainment system will keep your family entertained for hours. If you have any questions give us a call or stop by Roberson Motors in Salem, Oregon for a Chrysler Pacifica test drive today!
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Jeep Grand Cherokee

22/30 MPG475 HPInfo
Do you need to upgrade to a family vehicle but don't want to lose the spark and capabilities of your current car? The Jeep Grand Cherokee is the SUV for you. This SUV boasts a powerful engine as well as a luxurious interior that will keep you and the family happy for miles to come. To make matters even better, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is fitted with the famous Jeep 4x4 drivetrain that will give you confidence behind the wheel in any adverse weather conditions. This incredibly capable 4x4 SUV will make family ski trips over to Timberline a breeze. Come take a look at our Jeep Grand Cherokee inventory in Salem, OR for yourself and experience all that Jeep has to offer.
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