Chrysler Transmission Service in Salem, OR

The transmission is the heart of your Chrysler engine, the source that delivers power to the rest of the vehicle. Roberson Motors offers expert Chrysler transmission service in Salem, Oregon to keep your sedan or passenger van going strong. Recommended intervals between Chrysler maintenance visits vary according to the vehicle, but as a general guideline, a transmission flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles goes a long way to supporting engine health and performance. What are the signs that you need transmission repair? See your Chrysler mechanic if you’re having trouble switching gears, the gears feel like they’re slipping, you notice fluid leaking from the vehicle, you detect a burning smell, or the check engine light is illuminated. Shaking, grinding, or other strange noises are cause for concern, as well. Rest assured, the Chrysler service professionals at the dealership will set your transmission woes to rights.

While transmission service is recommended less often than an oil change, it is no less essential for keeping your Chrysler Voyager running at its peak. At our Salem, OR service center, our certified technicians will remove and replace the old transmission fluid, replace the filter and old gasket material, and inspect the system thoroughly. If damage has occurred and Chrysler auto repair is necessary, you can count on our team to diagnose and fix the problem quickly, and at a competitive price. Plus, Roberson Motors stocks a complete inventory of genuine Mopar parts to provide the best possible fit and to protect your Chrysler warranty.

The Mopar Express Lane at Roberson Motors Inc is at your service Monday through Saturday for a fast oil change, tire rotation, and brake check. Just drive on in, no appointment necessary, and we’ll replace the air filter in your Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid and top off the fluids. Need collision repair? Contact our Salem, OR body shop for an estimate today.

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