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At the end of the day, the rubber that hits the road under your Jeep SUV makes all the difference in safety and performance. Our Jeep tire center at Roberson Motors, Inc., in Salem, Oregon, will make sure you get the right Jeep tires for your driving style and vehicle. The tread experts at our Jeep tire store are factory trained know what your SUV needs to run at peak performance, including which new Jeep tires to purchase when the time comes. At our new tire center, we provide a comprehensive choice of certified Jeep tires, as well as professional Jeep tire replacement and Jeep tire repair. From purchase to maintenance, we’ve got you covered for quality car tires that deliver.

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What Are the Benefits of Tire Service and Replacement?

At Roberson Motors, Inc., our certified tire center is more than just a place to buy tires. Our technicians are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your treads. We start with a tire consultation to determine whether you want all-season tires, off-road tires, or Jeep performance tires for your Jeep Renegade or Jeep Grand Cherokee. After correctly mounting a new set of tires, we’ll keep a sharp eye out for wear. At every regular tire maintenance visit, we’ll check the tire pressure and the wheels. A tire alignment and tire balancing are a good idea at least every oil change, or around twice a year. Routine maintenance will minimize uneven wear, which can lead to loss of traction and engine strain, not to mention the premature expense of a new set of tires. Speak to a tire professional now to talk about the ideal tires for your Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Cherokee.

Advantages of New Tires

Increased Traction x
Smoother Handling x
Quieter Ride x
Increased Safety x
Better Gas Mileage x
Lower Risk of a Blowout x
New Tire Warranty x


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